Watch Kanye West's Full Performance for the DNC

The 2020 presidential hopeful performs at a Democratic fundraiser
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Barack Obama famously cracked wise during the few minutes he stopped being president of the free world and became Kanye West’s hype man. We already saw that video. What we didn’t see earlier this week was West’s actual performance, which was rumored to feature some new music from his upcoming album, Swish

Today video of the full performance has surfaced—it was a great performance and no doubt made a lot of money for the Democratic National Committee—but fans are disappointed that Kanye did not give them any new songs, which is to say, didn’t give them any indication that Swish is imminent. 

This development is hardly surprising. In recent interviews, Kanye West has repeatedly asserted that his focus was in fashion—what he considers is the current “highest art form”—not in music. He has gone so far as to vaguely (and perhaps threateningly) suggest that his new album may still be a year out, or even longer. 

Still, Mr. West is a superlative showman who has never shied away from fan-service. At a recent fashion show he played an exciting—if unpolished— new song called “Fade”. And at the DNC fundraiser, he hinted at another wisp of a song—it plays before his massive, set-starting “Power”. It isn’t much. It’s barely enough to prove Kanye is paying music any mind at all. But it is something. 

You can check it out below, along with the rest of the 50-minute performance:

Here is “Fade”: