Kanye West - "Monster" Music Video


Click Here To Watch Kanye West Monster Video - Official Version

The recently leaked unfinished video for Kanye West's “Monster” (MP3 download here) is certainly dark and twisted, not to mention bloody and gory. Beginning with a beautiful undressed woman who is hanging by a chain in a smokey alley, “Monster” is seemingly as violent and possibly more graphic than the song itself. It certainly isn't lacking in sex appeal, both Rick Ross and Jay-Z finding themselves surrounded by gorgeous 'dead' women, Nicki Minaj torturing and seducing herself simultaneously. Kanye gets himself into a heap of trouble, including being in bed with more scandalously dressed dead women, and even holds a decapitated woman's head dripping blood. As always, Ye finds an innovative way of showcasing one of his fantasies, as dark and disturbing as they may be. Watch below:


Kanye West's Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy is out in stores now, and it's still sounding rather amazing.