Kanye West and Vic Mensa Start a Riot in “U Mad” Video

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Vic Mensa U Mad.png

Like with Big Sean not too long ago, Kanye has taken fellow Chicagoan Vic Mensa under his mentorship. So far in 2015 they’ve worked on two very good singles together. The first, an ephemeral single called “Wolves”, also featuring Sia. Kanye debuted the new single with Mensa and Sia at SNL’s 40th birthday, then...nothing. It’s has yet to be released. In fact, as far as we know, a proper studio version the track doesn’t exist in the wild. 

Their second collaboration, “U Mad”, is (thankfully) more than just vaporware. After releasing it in April to some rave reviews from Chateau PMA (“So this is basically the 2015 rap version of the Empire’s theme from Star Wars”), they’ve made a music video for the thing. 

The Grant Singer-directed clip features Vic Mensa in a straitjacket, Kanye rapping amid a flurry of industrial sparks, a bunch of red-light dancing, a riot, and a big em effing bull. Watch it below—