Kanye West x Hype Williams - "All of the Lights" Music Video

All of the Lights

My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy earned Kanye West not only the best reviews of his trailblazing and controversial career, but the best reviews any rap album has received since OutKast's classic Stankonia. Although too much time hasn't passed, MBDTF has not only held up well, it actually sounds better. To celebrate this, Kanye West enlisted famed music video director Hype Williams to help him put together a video for MBDTF's all-star anthem, "All of the Lights."

The video, which is equal parts black and white melodrama and kaleidoscopic solo rave, uses the style of presenting lyrics in exciting font-faces that Cee Lo Green reintroduced with his "Fuck You" lyrics video last summer. Because most of "All of the Lights"' salient cast is absent, the use of the song's lyrics in the video works very well. Also, if you were every curious about who all sings in that anthemic chorus, this video has a role-call just for you: