Katy B - "One for the Road"/"What I Might Do"

Little Red is out February 10.
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If you know one thing about Katy B, it might be that she's an absolute genius when it comes to covers. Seriously, girl's vision's unparalleled - and apparently, after her cover of One Direction's "Story of my Life," she wasn't done taking on British boy bands; she just made a bit of a genre switch. Her next victim's Arctic Monkeys' "One for the Road," which she and her minimalist backing band (two singers and a keyboardist) mash up with Ben Pearce's "What I Might Do." The end product's a soulful, slinky number that gives Katy plenty of room to show off her powerhouse vocals. Basically, we're intensely anticipating her new record Little Red, it drops February 10.