Kid Cudi - "Mojo So Dope" Music Video



Cleveland doesn't have Lebron anymore, but at least they still have Cudi. The self proclaimed lonely stoner's new video for “Mojo So Dope,” off the melancholy Man On The Moon II: The Legend of Mr. Rager, explores the many faces of the rapper: Cudi with a hoodie on, Cudi wearing hipster sunglasses, in an all black suit, on stage performing with Kanye, in home videos smoking blunt after blunt, or in miscellaneous venues grooving and dancing. The video is an exemplification of his music, a real account of Scott Mescudi's day to day lifestyle, portraying him getting stoned by himself most of the time, or delighted in the presence of others, especially his fans (one of whom carries a sign depicting the words “Cleveland Ohydro”). Despite the usually despondent nature that surrounds him, Cudi looks genuinely happy and unworried here, often making funny faces and poses. Check out the video below.