Check Out: Kirin J Callinan: "WIIW (Way to War)"

Australian artist Kirin J Callinan delivers the creepiest, weirdest, best video of 2012.
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Australia’s Kirin J Callinan is the fantastic Terrible Records’ newest signee, and he’s celebrating with the creepiest and maybe also the best video we’ve seen this year, for his fantastically weird and also insanely good “Way to War.” Callinan’s beat-based music sometimes feels like an even more esoteric Black Dice or White Rainbow, until everything starts to come together into admittedly strange but ultimately exhilarating thing that resembles pop in a kind of Frankenstein way (the best way?). The track itself is creepy on its own – Callinan’s low whisper plus echoing drones and staggering beats makes “Way to War” sound like something you might hear through a fissure in the ground – so it perfectly fits its Kris Moyes-directed video, which is a series of stuttering, bizarre .gifs. The single drops digitally June 19th and physically on July 31, and stay tuned for a full record from Kirin this fall.

Kirin J Callinan: "WIIW (Way To War)"