Lady Gaga - "The Edge of Glory" (Video)


RIP Clarence Clemons

"The Edge of Glory" is one of Lady Gaga's biggest songs; both vocally and sentimentally. It's also one of her least idiosyncratic. It seems fitting then that the video for "The Edge..." is unlike the video Gaga we've come to know through clips like "Bad Romance" and "Telephone."

Instead of another multi-million dollar production, the Haus of Gaga-directed clip is relatively simple. Biblical biker gangs, intergalactic spawn and humanoid condom bathhouse people are nowhere to be found. Here, the frames are fixed on a studded leather-clad Gaga, and for a few shots, E Street's sax-wielding Clarence Clemons.

There's this wonderful bit in the clip during Clemons' cheesy-genius sax solo, where Gaga dances on her own, channeling another pop starlet ahead of the curve, Robyn. (Indeed, I instantly thought of Robyn when I first heard "The Edge of Glory," an association that initially irked me but has since become a welcome one.) This dance break down is almost like an accidental homage to Robyn's great, great "Call Your Girlfriend" video.

Lady GagaBorn This Way record is out now, and it's the best straight-up pop record we've heard all year.