Lady Gaga gets vomited on while riding a mechanical bull @ SXSW

Lady Gaga Performs On The Doritos #BoldStage In An Exclusive Performance Benefitting Her Born This Way Foundation

SXSW, the independent rock takeover in Austin starring Lady Gaga, Coldplay, Jay Z and Kanye West, everybody! Lady Gaga, unpolished as we've seen her in public since 2007, headlined a Doritos-sponsored event at SXSW last night, where she drenched herself in beer, made a woman eat sausage, and, eventually had a different woman literally vomit neon all over her while she rode a mechanical S&M bull. Mid-roman shower, the Gagster shouts, "fuck you, pop music!" Fuck you, indeed.

It should be noted that all proceeds for this performance will benefit Gaga's Born This Way Foundation.