Laura Marling Covers Bob Dylan's "Like a Rolling Stone"

With her friend Eddie Berman, for his upcoming LP Polyhymnia.
marling and berman

Laura Marling may be from the UK, but she's really good at making folk-y, blues-y Americana - so it makes sense that she and her friend, fellow Americana-inclined folk musician Eddie Berman, have taken on Bob Dylan's "Like a Rolling Stone," for a cover that'll appear on Berman's upcoming LP Polyhymnia. You can watch a video of them performing the song together - not only do their voices sound fantastic entwined over Berman's gently plucked guitar, but their affection for the track is palpable and guaranteed to give you chills. We just wish Marling could show off some of her guitar skills, too. Check it out below - Polyhymnia is out October 21st.