LCD Soundsystem x Muppets - "Dance Yrself Clean" Video

lcd soundsystem

I admit that when I first listened to LCD Soundsystem's supposed final album, This Is Happening, I was split down the middle. Split between tracks that I felt were James Murphy & Co.'s best work to-date and tracks that felt like 8-minute filler. Needless to say that several months and nearly two dozen or so listens later, the sheer potency of tracks worthy of instant classic-dom ("All I Want," "I Can Change," "Dance Yrself Clean") had won me over for good. A friend once told me that when he listens to LCD Soundsystem, he is convinced that it is the best music ever. That is exactly how I feel every time I listen to "Dance Yrself Clean" - and now we can all do so, with Muppets. This is like "Fuck You" all over again, but better. #nopaltrow