Video: Real Estate, "Linger" (the Cranberries Cover) - Pretty Much Amazing

Video: Real Estate, "Linger" (the Cranberries Cover)

Hear the New Jersey jam rockers reinterpret the 90's classic
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It's cover Tuesdays! Earlier we were treated to a reinterpretation of Björk's former band, Sugarcubes, by Syracuse punk rockers Perfect Pussy. Now, courtesy of the A.V. Club, we have a reimagining of one of the most popular 90's rock anthems ever, The Cranberries' "Linger" ("Zombie" would have also been acceptable) by New Jersey jam rockers Real Estate. The band manages to maintain the song's overall dreamy, heartfelt ambiance, which is quite satisfying. Songs like this don't need to be transformed in any way, shape or form. Hear it below: