Lykke Li - "Untitled" Video

lykke li wounded rhymes

Weird. Last year, it was Kanye who was promoting his album in unorthodox fashions, like the moving picture that is “Power” rather than an actual music video. It seems like Swedish pop sensation Lykke Li is following suit, releasing a three minute preview(?) for her upcoming sophomore effort, Wounded Rhymes.

“Untitled” finds Li stranded on a sandy desert, frantically trying to dig deep into the ground with a rusty pocket knife, but to no avail. Though there is no song attached to it, there are sound of waves and the breeze, followed by slow textural harmonies. The video ends with her whispering incomprehensible nothings as she stares into the sky and than it abruptly cuts off. An introduction to a new video? Who knows. Wounded Rhymes is out March 1.