New: Mac DeMarco, "This Guy's In Love With You"

In a video introducing his new guitarist, Andrew Charles White.
mac demarco

Mac DeMarco's enlisted a new guitarist, Andrew Charles White (who you may recognize if you've listened to Tonstartssbandht), and couldn't just induct him to the band via live performances like a normal person. Instead, he's shared a VHS-looking video of Andy in an I Love NY shirt and American flag pants excitedly exploring New York's sights and sounds, soundtracked by Mac's own slow-burning, drum machine-heavy cover of Burt Bacharach and Hal David's "This Guy's In Love With You." It's like a compendium of why we love this dude and his band - relentless, hilarious absurdity, and really lovely music. Bonus - Andy's short monologue, which includes the inspiring quotable "I want everyone in the world to know that they're beautiful and that they're a genius." Aww, thanks! Check out the clip below.