Miguel Shares Three New Songs: "Flesh", "Face the Sun" "...Goingtohell"

Plus, check out the video for “Coffee”
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Miguel will be releasing his new album, Wildheart, at the end of the month, and it seems that we weren’t the only ones who thought it was strange that we had only heard one single from this imminent, major release. Today, Miguel put up three new songs on iTunes/streaming—“Flesh”, “Face the Sun”, and “...Goingtohell”. The previously released “NWA”, “Hollywood Dreams” and lead single “Coffee” have also hit iTunes and streaming. Listen to them below—

Miguel, Wildheart:

01 a beautiful exit
03 the valley
04 Coffee
05 NWA [ft. Kurupt]
06 waves
07 what's normal anyway
08 Hollywood Dreams
09 ...goingtohell
11 leaves
12 face the sun [ft. Lenny Kravitz]
13 gfg
14 destinado a morir
15 Simple Things
16 damned

Update: Miguel has shared the steamy new video for “Coffee”. Watch—