Missy Elliott returns with "I'm Better"

New documentary coming soon.
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Missy Elliott has returned with a new single called “I’m Better”. It is her first proper single since “WTF” (2015) with Pharrell and “Pep Rally” (2016). This one features rapper Lamb. The song naturally comes with a stylish new video, streaming below.

Missy’s last LP was The Cookbook (2005) and she’s been reportedly working on a follow-up on-and-off for years now. If we ever needed the return of Missy‘s natural exuberance and penchant for self-love, it’s now. 

We may just get the album, too. In addition to the new single and video, Missy announced a new documentary focusing on her career and impact. Feels a lot like a big build. Stay tuned and watch “I’m Better” and the doc trailer below.