Check Out: MS MR - "Bones"


We've profiled the secretive New York electropop duo MS MR before, back when they were just offering up rough demos for your listening pleasure. Now they've hooked up with the record label Creep City to release glossy remasters and new tracks on an upcoming EP, Candy Bar Creep Show. The EP's excellent title comes from the lyrics of "Bones," an absolutely irresistible past-midnight occult pop cut that reminds us of a slightly more pre-apocalyptic Purity Ring, which you can sample now, alongside a swarming, industrial remix by Charli XCX. Charli's take is great dance fodder, but we prefer the original - who could resist that piano line? Check it out and pre-order the EP here.

MS MR have uploaded the mp3 stems for "Bones," so all of you remixers out there can get to work.