Watch: Nas @ Coachella 2014 Full Set

Nas Jay Z Coachella 2014

On Saturday night at Coachella, Nas performed what is widely regarded as one of the defining masterpieces of the entire genre, Illmatic, in honor of its 20 year anniversary on April 19th. Zeitgeist-y highlights include Puff Daddy aka Diddy aka Puff Daddy (again) (for "Hate Me Now") and former rival Jay Z joining Nas on stage (for "Dead Presidents" and "Where I'm From"). Puffy and Jigga were nice touches, but Nas hardly needed the star wattage, he's a venerable and spellbinding performer. To my ears, Illmatic never sounded so alive, so vital.

Gut-Reaction Score: A

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Nas Coachella 2014 Setlist:
"The Genesis"
"N.Y. State of Mind" 1:40
"Life's a Bi**h" 6:22
The World Is Yours" 8:30
"Dead Presidents" with Jay Z 9:47
"Where I'm From" with Jay Z 11:11
"Halftime" 13:15
"Memory Lane" 16:00
"One Time 4 Your Mind" 18:14
"One Love" 21:35
"Represent" 24:42
"It Ain't Hard To Tell" 27:10

"Made You Look"
"Hate Me Now" with Diddy
"One Mic"