New M83 Album "Coming Soon"


French electronic virtuoso Anthony Gonzalez hasn't come out with much under his M83 moniker since 2008's highly acclaimed Saturdays = Youth, save for a couple of random remixes here and there (including Daft Punk's “Fall” from the mediocre Tron Soundtrack). The producer has now changed all that by releasing an album trailer for his forthcoming record. Judging from the clip, we can now confirm that there is indeed a new M83 full length coming out “soon.”

The trailer starts with Gonzalez at his keyboard surrounded by floppy disks, as dreamy synths and bass lines develop, and continues to focus on larger, more picturesque settings. Also, courtesy of Spin we've learned that it will be a double album, and include a Zola Jesus collaboration? Jesus. View the trailer below and get excited.

M83 - "Echoes..."