New The-Dream - "Murderer"


Earlier this month, r&b auteur The-Dream announced that he would be giving away an "internet album" called 1977 for free. Yesterday, the Atlanta born singer/songwriter gave us our first preview of the album with a brand new song called “Murderer”.

The-Dream released the auto-tuned heavy, gypsy guitar infused melody over the trailer of Avatar's Zoë Saldaña's new film called Colombiana. Just how Cee-Lo invigorated lyric videos with his smash "Fuck You" last year, we hope The-Dream kick starts a fad of artists sharing new music via movie trailer overdubs. That would be awesome.

The-Dream (Terius Nash) - "Murderer"

The-Dream is set to release his free internet album under his birth name, Terius Nash, on August 31st, in lieu of his now-in-limbo studio effort.