Niki & The Dove - "Mother Protect"


Crank the bass up for this one (go ahead, we’ll wait). The latest release from Swedish electro duo Niki and the Dove, “Mother Protect,” from their The Drummer EP, is built up on a series of percolating, dubby bass drones and shuddering percussion that sounds like a gathering storm. Over the top, impossibly vivid synth bubbles blend effortlessly with the intoxicating Kate Bush-esque diva vocals of frontwoman Malin Dahlstom. Everything gains energy and drama until it breaks into shimmering catharsis, complete with Dahlstom wailing “I am furious!”

Long story short – keep an eye on this promising new talent. Check out the video the band created as a visual accompaniment – its blurred, layered images perfectly compliment the song’s disorienting, haunting feel.

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