Nine Inch Nails Debut "Copy of a" & "Disappointment"

nine inch nails hesitation marks

The Nine Inch Nails comeback tour is slowly making its way to the United States, but first, Trent Reznor and company are making a few Asian festival stops - namely, at Japan's Fuji Rock Festival and South Korea's Ansan Valley Rock Festival. Live bootlegs of new music have emerged from the Fuji Rock show, and here's another clip of a new song, "Disappointment," that the band premiered live at Ansan Valley. Check out this good-quality fan-shot video, which starts with new track "Copy of a" before moving into "Disappointment," an angsty slow-burner that gets more industrially intense by the second. It's worth watching the video to check out the band's new live setup, too - you'll get what Reznor was talking about when he mentioned being inspired by Talking Heads' Stop Making Sense. Check it out.