No Age – “Fever Dreaming” Music Video

No Age Fever Dreaming

“Fever Dreaming” was the most well received tune from last year's critically acclaimed Everything In Between, as well as one of our favorite songs of last year. Now the Los Angeles kings of lo-fi have released it as the album's second single, and have teamed up with director Patrick Daughters, the man who crafted Grizzly Bear's Two Weeks” and Feist's “1234,” to bring the head banging punk anthem to life.

The video finds Randy Randall and Dean Spunt chilling in an airport hangar they call home, reading books, having breakfast, nothing too out of the ordinary, as things start crashing in around them. As it progresses you will realize that each time the camera zooms in, everything the frame touches gets destroyed. Mind you, it doesn't deter the duo from still playing their instruments, remaining relaxed and nonchalant, appropriating this 'don't give a fuck' attitude. It's a pretty destructive video for a pretty ballsy tune, proving that nothing can stop these guys from playing music. Well, almost nothing. Check out the video below, word around the blogosphere is it's pretty rad on acid.