New: Odd Future - "Oldie"


Odd Future's new compilation album, OF Tape Vol 2 is out today, and it's a rather enjoyable hour of music. If you aren't going to listen to the whole thing (we think you should!), you should at least lend 10 minutes to the album's epic closing statement, "Oldie," featuring killer verses from the collective's stars, Tyler The Creator, Hodgy Beats, Left Brain, Frank Ocean (he raps!), Domo Genesis, Mike G and an especially effervescent Earl Sweatshirt.

The song really comes to life during an apparently impromptu music video filmed during a Terry Richardson photoshoot. The video's ten and a half minutes illustrate, quite effectively, what Odd Future is all about and why they've struck a chord with so many people. Tyler said it best: "Not only are we talented, but we're rad as f-ck."