OFWGKTA's MellowHype - "64"

A couple of weeks ago it was announced that Left Brain —will be...

A couple of weeks ago it was announced that MellowHype — the duo made up of OFWGKTA cohorts, improving rapper Hodgy Beats and mad genius producer Left Brain —will be commercially releasing their BlackenedWhite mixtape through awesome indie label, Fat Possum (Yuck, Smith Westerns, Tennis, WAVVES). In their first music video ever, MellowHype have premiered the studio version of "64," one of the new tracks on the BlackenedWhite re-release.

In an unsurprising turn, the video is filled with demonic imagery and horror movie cliches. The song is also classic Odd Future. But on "64," it's obvious that while we were all looking to Tyler The Creator and Goblin, Hodgy and Left Brain have been honing their craft, subtly and steadily improving. The hook on "64" is on Tyler or even Earl Sweatshirt level of immediacy. KNOCK KNOCK!

BlackenedWhite is out July 12. Pre-order it on CD or Vinyl.