Owen Pallett x Brian Eno - "On a Path" / "The Riverbed"

Listen to two tracks from Owen Pallett's new album In Conflict, featuring Brian Eno.
Owen Pallett

Owen Pallett'sIn Conflict has been one of our most anticipated records of 2014 since we knew about its existence, and today we finally get to sample two songs from it - "On a Path," and the Brian Eno-featuring "The Riverbed." Both come with attendant videos, too - the "On a Path" lyric clip was made by the artist Steve Kado and features photographs of every object in Pallett's house, while the "The Riverbed" one was directed by Eva Michon and features Pallett's uncle Jim. Both songs are awesome listens, with textured orchestral backdrops leaving Pallett's singular vocals plenty of room to soar and allowing room for more experimental elements, but we think we prefer "The Riverbed," with its surprising straightforward rock feel. Check out both songs - you can pick up In Conflict starting May 13.