Amazing Animated Video for Panda Bear's "Alsatian Darn"


Panda Bear'sTomboy is a grower. We loved it when it came out, and it's still growing on us. (Tempted to say its "growing with us".) One of the tracks that is growing a bit quicker than the others is the incredible "Alsatian Darn", so naturally I won't miss an opportunity to share it.

The Tomboy single already has its own psychedelic video, but  talented, Tel-Aviv based graphic artist Ori Toor (who last year made this fabulous unofficial video for Animal Collective's "Lion In A Coma") just sent us his equally trippy, yet endlessly classier ode to "Alsatian Darn". Can AnCo hire this guy already?

Panda Bear - "Alsatian Darn"