Panda Bear - DESPERSONALIZAÇÃO / the stretch of life


It's not an album announcement or lead single, but we're still psyched (and hopeful!) about this five-minute snippet of new music from Panda Bear, which accompanies Joana Linda's video of (Noah Lennox's wife) Fernanda Pereira's Spring/Summer 2014 fashion line. The video goes by the title "DESPERSONALIZAÇÃO / the stretch of life," so we're assuming the musical accompaniment, which boomerangs from clattering and percussive to drone-heavy, world-y quasi-pop to intense, experimental electronica, and back, does too. There's even some heavily edited screaming that reminds us of Animal Collective's (very) early days. Don't just press play on the video and navigate to another window - Linda's video and Pereira's designs are inspiring and gorgeous, as well.