Watch: Pharrell's Star-Studded Coachella 2014 Set


You saw this one coming a mile out. Of course Pharrell's Coachella set would feature a host of famous famous, of course he wore that hat. Pharrell is consistently great at associating himself with sturdy talent with high name-recognition and that comes in handy when you're performing at the most closely watched music festival in the world. First off: No. Daft Punk did not show up, though Williams did play "Lose Yourself To Dance" and "Get Lucky." However, he did manage to bring in Nelly (for “Hot In Herre”), Snoop Dogg (“Drop It Like It’s Hot” & “Beautiful”), Busta Rhymes and Diddy (“Pass the Courvoisier Part II”), Tyler The Creator (“Lapdance”), Gwen Stefani (“Hollaback Girl”), and Diplo (“Aerosol Can”).

The career-spanning set accomplishes what it set out to do: it celebrates Pharrell's varied and accomplish career with a bunch of his famous friends. It occasionally tested my patience, but it's hard to not feel satisfied with any set that includes a full-hearted rendition of "Hollaback Girl."

Gut-Reaction Score: B

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“Lose Yourself to Dance”?
“Come Get It Bae”?
“Hot In Herre” with Nelly
?“Pass the Courvoisier, Part II” w/ Busta Rhymes & Diddy?
“Lapdance” w/ Tyler The Creator
?“She Wants To Move”
?“Drop It Like It’s Hot” w/ Snoop Dogg
?“Beautiful” w/ Snoop Dogg
?“Aeresol Can” w/ Diplo?
“Hollaback Girl” w/ Gwen Stefani
?“Blurred Lines”
?“Marilyn Monroe”?
“Get Lucky”?