REC'D/Video: Clams Casino - "I'm God"

Taxi Driver

It's pretty rare when a hip hop instrumental designed for rappers to spit on sounds pretty great all on it's own. It's even rarer when said instrumental sounds better by itself than it does with an MC on the track. Such is the case with producer Clams Casino, who crafts beats for Lil B, G-Side and Soulja Boy.

His tune “I'm God,” which Lil B raps over on 2009's 6 Kiss, has also been released as an instrumental, though it surprisingly doesn't appear on the self-titled, free mixtape of instrumentalsClams Casino released a month ago.

“I'm God,” which samples Imogen Heap's “Just For Now,” sounds like something jj would love to get their hands on: it's dreamy, spaced out, ethereal, yet still grimy and undoubtedly hip hop. Check out the recently released fan made video below:

"I'm God's lonely man" - Travis Bickle