Rihanna - "S&M" Music Video


Rihanna’s new single from late-2010 return-to-form record Loud is called “S&M,” because of course it is –- the song’s one of the record’s best, a great slice of sour-bubblegum club pop. The Barbadian songstress churns out a video as raunchy as the song it visualizes, because if there are two things thing Rihanna’s good at, it’s raunchy videos and sour-bubblegum club pop.

The video’s all vivid colors – pink popcorn, neon ball gags, a swinger-style party in a tiger-print room shot in full nineties fisheye, Rihanna herself with giant red hair in all manner of clashing pink ensembles, Perez Hilton in magenta schoolboy outfit. “S&M” is relentlessly raunchy, sure, but it’s one of the early contenders for dance-floor jam of the year – like almost all Rihanna’s material, you cannot argue with pop flawlessness.