Video: Sigur Rós - "Klippa" (Inni Preview)


When Icelandic's premiere dream pop architects, Sigur Rós, posted a video to their website a little over a month ago with no additional information attached to it regarding what it was exactly, except for the word “Inni,” it put the blogosphere in absolute turmoil. Than a few days later the band put their massive following at ease by announcing that “Inni” was to be billed as a “surprise film event,” would be premiered at last week's Venice Film Festival, directed by the man who brought you Arcade Fire'sMirror Noir documentary, Vincent Morrisset and will be released as a live DVD/CD set.

The band has not followed up with any more information, until now, posting a clip of a few people in a dark room, cutting fabric and waltzing. There's no music really in it, but apparently this "Klippa" is a preview of sorts to tide us over until Inni is actually released.

Sigur Rós - "Klippa"

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