Sleigh Bells - "Rill Rill" Music Video


The new video for “Rill Rill,” the standout track from Sleigh Bells' awesome 2010 debut Treats, kind of reminds you of that movie U-Turn, or another horror flick based in a desert.

It finds Alexis Krauss in usual punk fashion, sporting an awesome acid-washed denim jacket, a leather glove on one hand and a massively sized ring on another, and cohort Derek Miller driving along until it becomes apparent that Miller's received some serious head trauma. No matter, easy to just push him, and his guitar, out of the moving car. It also features bleeding telephones, overflowing milkshakes, and Krauss posing for a photo-shoot with knife in hand. Creepy.

The noise-pop duo have just released it as their third single from Treats, after appearing on several year-end lists and receiving mass attention from fans. It comes just one week after DJ mastermind Diplo remixed their first single, “Tell Em.”