Sonic Youth's Thurston Moore - "Circulation" (Video)


Several weeks ago in late May, one of Sonic Youth's main figures, Thurston Moore, released an accomplished and thoroughly wonderful solo album produced by Beck called Demolished Thoughts. I chide myself for waiting this long to talk about it, though I also justify it by feeling that Demolished Thoughts, as rewarding as it is, isn't totally suitable for summertime listening and that it's time better spent listening to the new sun-kissed Washed Out album, or the nostalgic sing-along tunes of Cults. In fact, I'm pretty sure the record won't get any real wear from me until autumn's completely underway.

In an obvious attempt to defy my incontrovertible seasonal logic, Moore's camp have released a video for Demolished Thoughts highlight, "Circulation". So much for Within and Without.

Thruston Moore - "Circulation"

As I suspect you haven't, you should definitely consider buying Demolished Thoughts. It's on sale on Amazon for $5.