Video: The Stepkids - "Legend In My Own Mind"


Connecticut genre-fusing trio Stepkids released their self-titled debut album last week – it’s a fascinating amalgamation of hip-hop, psychedelia, and indie pop alike. First single “Legend In My Own Mind” is a pretty good example of the band’s M.O. – a sunny, irresistible slice of summery rooftop hip-hop/pop as ready for the party as it is for the hungover morning.

Its video introduces us to a guy transformed by the band’s music into a ghetto-blaster-porting, members-only-jacket wearing, youth-high-fiving, chain-sporting eighties hip-hop champ. You might be tempted to join him after a few listens of your own.

The Stepkids - "Legend In My Own Mind" (mp3)

The Stepkids is out now on Stones Throw. Props to The Daily Show's Wyatt Cenac for spreading the hip hop.