Sufjan Stevens - "Too Much" Music Video



There is purposely a lot going on (or a bit too much) in Sufjan Stevens' latest music video for "Too Much" from the enchanting Age of Adz, including bright colors, flashing lights, devil masks, the animated invigoration of Sufjan himself, and incredibly vivid dance sequences. Just last week, the triumphant King of Indie premiered the opus on the Jimmy Fallon Show, his first time ever on network TV. The video is choreographed very much like the song is composed: as a grand orchestration. It focuses on meticulous details and fast frame by frame movements of Sufjan and friends that appropriate the soaring electronic escalations and instrumental monumentalism “Too Much” offers as a song. It's also pretty damn retro, Sufjan sporting a NIKE tank. Awesome.

You can still download "Too Much" here.