Tame Impala - "Expectation" Music Video


Tame Impala’s excellent 2010 debut Innerspeaker landed the band lots of well-deserved attention in the US – positive reviews from Pitchfork and Rolling Stone, tours with MGMT, et cetera. The band seem poised to make a big impact – and, let’s face it, if “Solitude is Bliss” isn’t one of your favorite songs of the year, it’s probably because you haven’t heard it yet.

The record’s third single is awesome six-minute epic “Expectation,” which has some of the psychedelic flavor of the longer material of contemporaries MGMT and My Morning Jacket – syncopated, dizzying guitar work wheeling like vultures, driving drums and bass, moments of relaxation that break into sonic booms, and Kevin Parker’s voice floating over the whole thing, a charming, dreamlike constant. Four and a half minutes in it fades all the way out and then back in with a sweet, intoxicating Krautrock-y buildup. “Expectation” is lovably, fascinatingly scattered, impossible to let go of, even for a second, and, best of all, it wraps up the band’s sound nicely.

The video’s cool – it brings out the song’s scattered, layered nature (not to mention dizzying effect) with whirling panoramic camera effects. It should be easy, but it’s hard to tell where the picture ends and begins. Check it out.