REC'D: The Antlers - "I Don't Want Love"

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Brooklyn based The Antlers had a difficult challenge in following up a record as emotionally distraught as 2009's Hospice, and returned with another beautiful, captivating record in Burst Apart, which has received excellent reviews (particularly right here on PMA). The band, lead by the gifted songwriter Peter Silberman, was recently playing a gig at The Great Escape Festival where they had a chance to hook up with Bowlegs Music and perform album cut, and one of our favourite tracks of the year, “I Don't Want Love.”

If you recall, we recently featured another Bowlegs session with Cults' acoustic rendition of “The Curse.” Check out The Antlers' session below, and fall prey to Silberman's exquisite vocals, and multiple layers of instrumentation that exist on this breathtaking track. Enjoy.

The Antlers - "I Don't Want Love"

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