The Cure's full Lollapalooza set


The next Lollapalooza headlining set to surface is the Cure's excellent two-hour, festival-closing Sunday performance, which you can watch now. Opener "Plainsong" sounds incredible, and it only gets better from there, as the band incorporate newer and classic material and then close with "Boys Don't Cry." Get ready to relive your middle school days - check it out.


00:07 Plainsong
05:39 Pictures of You
12:43 Lullaby
17:20 High
21:10 The End Of The World
24:45 Lovesong
28:25 In Between Days
31:30 Just Like Heaven
35:30 From the Edge of the Deep Green Sea
43:11 The Walk
46:40 Mint Car
50:30 Friday I'm in Love
54:12 Doing the Unstuck
58:28 Trust
1:03:30 Want
1:08:40 Fascination Street
1:13:38 The Hungry Ghost
1:18:25 Wrong Number
1:24:50 One Hundred Years
1:31:25 Disintergration


1:41:55 The Lovecats
1:45:30 The Caterpillar
1:49:29 Close to Me
1:53:04 Let's Go to Bed
1:56:30 Why Can't I Be You?
1:59:50 Boys Don't Cry