The National - "Conversation 16" Video w/ a Mad Man


This explains all those ads on Pitchfork. For the last few days there's been pics of Mad Men's John Slattery accompanied by The National's Matt Berninger and Aaron and Bryce Dessner floating about that site but with no explanation why. Now the esteemed band has released a video for “Conversation 16,” our favorite song from their High Violet LP (which happened to be our number ONE album of 2010) which besides Slattery features the talents of James Urbaniak (Weeds, The Office) and Kristen Schaal (Flight Of The Conchords, The Daily Show).

Schaal plays a lady President of the U.S. while Slattery and Berninger act as her bodyguards, Slattery's character growing jealous when she sports a little crush on Urbaniak's character, presumably the President of another country (Russia?) Oh politics. Check it out below.