The Shins return with "Dead Alive"

A "Halloween gift": a new video and new song
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shins dead alive.jpg

The Shins are back with a new song called “Dead Alive” and it comes with an absurd new video featuring a very sleepy James Mercer and his creepy, lo-fi dreams. Mercer has called the new song and video a “Halloween gift while you wait for the album.” The new album, by the way, is set to drop in early 2017. 

Earlier this week, The Shins shared a teaser clip featuring the words “I Gleek on Your Grave”—album title? new single?—and the phrase pops up again in the “Dead Alive” video. The Shins first used the phrase a couple months ago in a separate teaser on Instagram. 

Watch “Dead Alive” below. 

Here are the “I Gleek on Your Grave” teasers.