The Weeknd shares new Portishead-sampling "You Belong to the World"

Epic new single from the upcoming <i>'Kiss Land.

You might remember about a month ago, when we posted video footage from the Weeknd’s homecoming Toronto show of Abel Tesfaye and company performing a new, Portishead-sampling number called “You Belong to the World.” Well, now that track’s got a studio recording and a creepy, very Weeknd-y, Blade Runner-esque eight minute video. If we had a penny for every Weeknd video where Tesfaye looks vacant whilst being caressed by a beautiful woman, we’d have at least ten pennies – but it’s hard to complain when the songs and clips sound and look this good. One problem, though – Portishead reportedly denied permission for the use of that sample. We’ll see how that plays out on Kiss Land, which’ll be out soon.