Video: The Weeknd - "What You Need"

If you've listened to House Of Balloons, you would know it's ample in drug discourse...
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If you've listened to The Weeknd, the mysterious r&b project fronted from Torontonian Abel Tesfaye, and his debut mixtape, House Of Balloons, you would know it's ample in drug discourse, stories of sex, heartache, parties and self-loathing. After a fan made video for opener “High For This,” there is finally an official video (or is this? The origin of this video is more mysterious than the Weeknd themselves) out for steamy, sample heavy “What You Need.”

For someone that has listened to this mixtape at least twenty times, I have to say that the video is exactly what one would imagine when listening to House Of Balloons, it precisely captures the essence of what Tesfaye is conveying: beautiful women, distrust, alcohol, late nights. It really can't get any more seductive than this. Watch the clip below, and if you haven't downloaded your free copy of House Of Balloons, do so here.