The Wytches - "Robe for Juda"

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When I saw the Wytches totally by accident at SXSW (pro tip: most of the best things you will ever do or see at SXSW will be totally by accident), I was tempted to go inside to the free tattoo booth (pro tip: do not get a free tattoo at SXSW) and ask them to give me the words "evil surf" inside a heart riding a cresting wave. Wytches are an evil surf band of the highest caliber and they'll prove it to you on the full length LP they've got in the works for later this summer, or you can catch them on tour, appropriately, with Cloud Nothings and METZ, and/or you can check out this video for "Robe for Juda," purportedly shot on VHS with a $200 budget. It's a hilarious clip in which the guys put on a ridiculous, interpretive stage production that includes a synchronized hip-thrusting dance scene. Check it out - and stay tuned.