Thundercat Teams Up with Comedian Eric Andre for "Tron Song" Video

The FlyLo affiliate shares a bizarre new music video for the Apocalypse cut

JASH, a web-based comedy YouTube channel which was created by actor/lo-fi indie enthusiastMichael Cera, Sarah Silverman, Reggie Watts and others, have recently been promoting their $5K Video Series, where a comedian teams up with an artist/musician to make a music video for $5,000. The latest in the series features comedian Eric Andre and his visual interpretation of Flying Lotusaffiliate and best friendThundercat's "Tron Song" from his last LP, Apocalypse. The visuals follow Thundercat's homicidal cat, his journey through the cat's rectum, his life in the cat's litter box, and other incredibly strange scenarios that, you guessed it, often feature his cat. One thing's for certain, it was definitely shot using only $5K (or less). Watch: