Tom Vek - "World of Doubt"


It's been several weeks since U.K. rocker Tom Vek announced the end of his five year hiatus from music, during which he's released a tracklist for his forthcoming sophomore effort, Leisure Seizure, album art and a very entertaining video for first single “A Chore.” The musician has just released more visuals, with a clip for his second single “World Of Doubt,” where he's more talk-singing than singing (kind of sounds like Cake) but over a very rockabilly beat.

The clip itself follows two bad ass female garage rockers who are grooving to the music as a a cartoon moon gasps and giggles in the background. View below; Leisure Seizure comes out digitally on June 7th via Downtown.

Leisure Seizure

'Hold Your Hand'
'A Chore'
'We Do Nothing'
'World of Doubt'
'Someone Loves You'
'Close Mic’ed'
'On A Plate'
'You Need to Work Your Heart Out'
'Too Bad'