Tonight's LOST Will Be Unbelievably Amazing



OK, maybe we shouldn't set expectations too high (like we did last week). But we probably should. Tonight's episode, entitled "The Life And Death of Jeremy Bentham," will finally reveal what the hell happened to Locke from when he pushed the donkey wheel to when he met his apparent death. It should be a contained, epic saga, and a Locke tour-de-force (perhaps another Terry O'Quinn Emmy nom will be in order). Mythological characters we love are all going to pop up. Questions will be answered. And the episode will be extended 6 minutes long, making it even more epic. The producers have said that this episode kind of serves as the finale to the first act of Season Five, and we Lost fans know how well this show ends its "acts." Click on for some spoilery video clips, and an incredible fan-made video scored to The Killers' "All These Things That I've Done."Here are some spoilery clips for you.

Unfortunately, I won't be able to recap this sure-to-be-classic tonight, but feel free to comment with your thoughts on the episode...AND to check out the sensational fan-made video below, set to "All These Things That I've Done."