New: Usher - "Good Kisser"

Watch a minimalist new video for an as-yet-unattached new song.
usher good kisser

We've long expected that Usher would turn in a new record in 2014, and things are looking good - here's a new, Christopher Sims-directed video for an as-yet-unattached new song called "Good Kisser." It's an appropriately minimalist clip for an appropriately minimalist song, what with Usher's Michael Jackson-ian black duds and white sneakers to that looped drum and bass fill, the only color provided by girls' bright lipstick and Usher's serpentine melismas. Basically, it really makes us wish we too had a partner who would make us steak and eggs at 5 AM. We're psyched to hear more, and hopeful we'll get an album announcement soon. Stay tuned.