Video: Chance the Rapper, "I Am Very Very Lonely"

"I'm coming over. August 3."

A few months ago, Chicago m.c. Chance the Rapper unexpectedly dropped a new song called "I Am Very Very Lonely," where he crooned about eating pizza with Siracha, chilling with cockroaches, etc. I use the word 'unexpected' because we hadn't seen anything this somber from him on either of his two mixtapes. Now, he's dropped a video for the one-minute plus song depicting silhouettes of a man and woman (neither of whom seem to be very, very lonely) embracing one another. It ends with this message: "I'm coming over. August 3," a reference to his set at Lollapalooza in his hometown of Chicago. Either that or, maybe, he's dropping a new mixtape? In any event, I'm stoked to see him the day before, when he plays Osheaga in Montreal.