Video: Flying Lotus, "Phantasm"

Watch a giant furball and an electro-magnetic hologram man stroll across the New Zealand desert in the new music video from FlyLo

It's not often that a musician/band continue to promote an album a year and a half after its release - heck, in the world of indie rock, in that time they probably would have released another EP or two - but Steven Ellison a.k.a. Flying Lotus a.a.k.a. Captain Murphy isn't one to play by the rules. FlyLo has just released the visuals for his Until the Quiet Comes highlight "Phantasm," which features singer Laura Darlington.

The video follows a giant furball creature - perhaps a distant relative of Cousin It? - and an electro-magnetic hologram man strolling across the New Zealand desert. It's certainly...interesting, and makes for a very stunning visual experience. Watch: